Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#8 Gun Cabinet, top section assembly

It's time to put the top section together. This is quite large, so will be fun to accomplish this in my small work space. The first thing I did was rip the front and back edge of the bottom shelf @ 4 degrees. I want the bottom shelf to set at a 4 degree angle so this will automatically tip the weapons to the back of the cabinet. This will make more sense when I make the bottom divider for the gun stocks.

I pre-drilled the top and bottom shelves for the pocket screws like I did on the base unit. Once the shelves where mounted to the side panels I mounted the face frame. Glued, screws along the top and bottom and clamped along the side.

I left everything on clamps overnight. Once the clamps came off, I sanded the face frame to the side panels. I cut the crown molding and it was mounted with screws from inside the cabinet. Again, NO NAILS. If you haven't noticed by now..........I really don't like nails. The crown molding is mounted flush with the top of the cabinet and since it's made with 3 solid pieces of OAK, there is no void or open area between the top of the crown and the cabinet.(makes a solid flat top all the way to the front edge of the crown.

I measured, cut, sanded and mounted the backs for both the base and upper section.(the backs are also mounted with screws). I mounted the hinges on the doors and hung the doors. The next step will be to make the top for the base unit, between the base and upper unit and then it will be time to do the inside of the upper section. Making the upper strip for the barrels of the guns and make the base strip for the stocks. I have a unique idea about how I want to do the upper strip so this will take a little time working out the details.

I just put the two sections together, so lets scroll down and take a look.

Keep going!

Keep going!

Almost there.........

There it is.......... Whatcha think? Is it beginning to look like a gun cabinet?

The counter top on the base section will finish off the overall look and tie the two section together and the hardware will give it the finished look.

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