Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#4 Making the doors for the Gun Cabinet

Yesterday I glued up the panels for the bottom doors. As you can see in the picture, I glued up one large panel and I'll cut the two panels from the one board so they match.

While my panel was on clamps, I took the end panels off their clamps and sanded them (they will be sanded again when the cabinet is assembled. The Face Frames are sanded, but again, they will be sanded again when everything is assembled.

Once all the stock was sized for the door frames, I ran them thru the door machine and sanded each piece. I took the panel off the clamps and cut the two panels to size and ran them thru the door machine. Sanded the panels and assembled the doors. The doors are on clamps now, so will leave them overnight.

It's about time to think about dovetailing a couple drawer boxes, but that's on tomorrows agenda.
While I'm working on the gun cabinet, I'm also building some shelves for one of my customers, refinishing a cedar chest for another customer and finishing up two bandsaw boxes for another. I have a couple kitchen cabinets to build, but I won't start them until the end of the week.

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