Thursday, October 22, 2009

#6 Gun Cabinet Moldings

Wow, here it is Thursday evening already. This week has gotten away from me. Monday I finished up a cedar chest I was refinishing for a customer. (that's a whole story in itself, but I'm not going there!). Delivered it Wednesday and the customer loved it. Tuesday I went to Gibsonville, NC to pick up the last of the lumber I needed for the gun cabinet and lumber for the next two projects I'll be starting next week. Almost 5 hours each direction and a couple hours at the lumber store makes for a long day.

I've run all the stock for the moldings. The crown molding will be a 3 piece molding, which is my signature molding I use on a lot of my pieces. It has a traditional look, but definitely has a different profile than a regular store bought molding.

I have the first two profiles for the crown molding on clamps. Once they dry, I'll pull all the clamps and glue up the third section of the crown

I wanted to get the last of the crown molding on clamps before I called it a day. I did the drawer fronts earlier today, so this is pretty much the last of the components.

I'll start assembly now that all the components are done. I'll be cutting the 3/4" plywood for the bottoms and tops.

It's going to start looking like a gun cabinet before long, instead of a bunch of pieces. STAY TUNED!

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