Sunday, October 11, 2009

#3 Time to make the end panels (Gun Cabinet)

First things first, I always do a cut list for each phase of a project. Dimensions for the stiles, rails and panels. This helps me keep things straight because most of the parts are either a different width or length.

Once I did the cut list, I sized all the stock to the exact dimension (except for the panels, they are oversized by 1/4"). Now I'll run the stock on my door machine. This is a unique machine I purchased 15 years ago to do raised panel doors. This is usually done either by a stationary mounted router or a shaper. The only problem with those methods is all the set up time involved with each step. The door machine I use has all the cutters set up on seperate heads, driven by one motor. There is no set up time when doing a standard square raised panel.

I run the stiles on one cutter head, the rails on the second cutter and run the raised panel on the third cutter. Same machine with no set up......sweet!

After I run all the pieces, I'll sand each one before assembly. The panels will be sanded again when they come off the clamps.

Since I sized all the stock for the face frames when I was sizing for the panels, I decided to make the face frames before I glue up the side panels.

Now that I have the side panels on clamps, it's time to do the cut list and size the stock for the doors. I'll post those next time.

I have to deliver the Manhatten Project to my customer so it can be shipped to New York.

She loved her tables and chest and ready for me to design a couple of pieces of furniture for her home in Pawleys Island, SC.

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