Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#2 Sizing stock for the gun cabinet.

Now that I have the lumber selected and layed out, I'll go ahead and size all the stock for the paneled ends and face frames.

I've picked out the lumber I want to use for the panels, so since they are not wide enough, I'll have to glue up the panels to get the width I want. Wow! love the grain in those panels.

I hate for anyone to see my shop a mess, but then again, if I'm not making sawdust, I wouldn't be building anything!. lol. I can sure make a mess in a couple hours.

The only reason I'm showing the mess is because I have to clean up and work on the other project I've been working on. I'm in the finishing process, so I have to have the shop totally clean for that.

Same shop..........different project.............different process, I'll have to get back to the gun cabinet tomorow. The following picture is of my Manhatten Project. (Contemporary end table, coffee table, chest and mirror).

I'll post more pictures of this project later, but right now I have to do some spraying on the Manhatten Project. That's it for today for the gun cabinet, but will try to get the end panels and face frames built tomorrow.

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