Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pictures; kitchen before/after

Thought I would post a couple pictures of the Kitchen I've been talking about in my last couple post.
Like I said earlier, we didn't really change the foot print of the kitchen, just changed from white to cherry.  More of a modern look.  The cherry cabinets were finished with clear pre-catalyzed lacquer so they will darken over time to a beautiful patina. 

The pictures were taken before I was even finished with the install and it's amazing how much they have darkened since they were installed.  Within a couple months they already began to blend with the other cherry furniture in the condo.

The first couple pictures were taken on the first day of installation, as you can see it was left up to me to clear out the kitchen. Not only was everything was left on the counters, but the cabinets were full also.

I had just finished putting back the final touches when I took these pictures with the new cabinets. The only thing left to do was to install a new piece of granite behind the slide in cooktop since they changed from a free standing stove to a slide in.  We had a piece of matching granite cut that went behind the stove up to the microwave.  When installed, it looked like it had always been there.

Next time I'm going to talk about dealing with a customer from California when I'm in South Carolina!

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